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A History with Horses


I cannot remember a time that I was not on or around horses. I grew up on a small but active Dressage Training facility owned by my mother, USDF Gold medalist, Gigi Nutter. The first time I was in the saddle was when I was just a couple weeks old. My mother has been a Classical Dressage trainer for over 40 years. One could say that horses and Dressage are quite literally, “in my blood”. From the time I could walk, I was helping perform various barn chores and greeting all of my mom’s clients as they arrived. There were very few moments I was not around a horse in some way, shape, or form. Throughout my childhood and young adult years, I was able to witness countless hours of lessons given by top Dressage trainers and was even lucky enough to ride with several of them. My foundation in Classical Dressage is strong and something I look forward to passing on to both the humans and horses I work with.

A Passion within My Passion


When I was around 12 years old, a client came to our farm with a beautiful white horse. He looked different from the other horses that came to the farm for training. He had a baroque nose, a stallion like neck, and a long flowing mane. I learned that he was a Lusitano. To say I was star-struck would be an understatement. During his stay at our farm, I had the privilege to ride him at home, participate in clinics, and compete with him. His kindness, beauty, work ethic and intelligence stayed with me even after he left. Because of the large imprint this one, particular horse left on me, I told myself that I would be an ambassador of the Iberian breed one day.

Training Ideals:

Young Horse Development and

Natural Horsemanship 


An important area of training to me is the development of correct basics for "the young horse." I enjoy both starting young horses and also retraining young horses who lack proper basics, both on the ground and under saddle. In my journey to give young horses a strong foundation, I found my passion with Natural Horsemanship and groundwork. All of my horses, both young and mature, are required to understand horsemanship concepts, such as: liberty work, free lunging, desensitizing, long-lining, ground-driving, and more. I believe that if horses cannot understand the basics of flection, bend, balance, forward, etc. on the ground, then it is unfair of us as riders to ask it of them under tack. Buck Brennamen, Warwick Schiller, Ray Hunt, and Tom Dorrance’s principles are what I have based much of my horsemanship work on.




Trainers I have ridden with:

  • Gigi Nutter

  • Karl Mikolka

  • Walter Zettl

  • Gunner Osterguard

  • George Williams

  • Ann Gribbons

  • Charlot Berdal

  • Belinda Nairn

  • Ron Smeets

Clinics I have audited:

  • Gigi Nutter

  • Karl Mikolka

  • Walter Zettl

  • George Williams

  • Gunner Osterguard

  • Herbert Servival

  • Conrad Schuemacher

  • Ron Smeets

  • Scott Hassler

  • Herbertis Shmit

  • Arther Kotis

  • Jeramy Steinburg

  • Debbie McDonald


IMG_5942 (1).jpg

Through the development of my Georgian Grande mare, FWF Baroness Von Ballerina (Brandy), from training level to PSG, I became a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. While Brandy has been my main competition horse throughout my developing years, I have had the pleasure of competing other horses who have earned further awards. I am grateful to each horse that I have ridden both competitively and non-competitively. The saying, “The horse is my teacher” is the motto I live by.


United States Dressage Federation (USDF)


  • 2018 Silver Medal

  • 2018 Training level Performance Certificate- Bellacor

  • 2018 American Warmblood Registry-Training Level- 2nd place

  • 2014 Bronze Medal

  • 2012 Region 3 Dressage Championships – Second Level – Champion, First Level – Reserve Champion

  • 2012 Horse of the Year, Second Level, Jr/YR – 4th Place (44 in category)

  • 2012 International Georgian Grande Horse Registry – Second Level, 1st place

  • 2012 First and Second Level Performance Certificates – FWF Baroness von Ballerina

  • 2011 Horse of the Year, First Level, Jr/YR – 18th Place (88 in category)

  • 2011 International Georgian Grande Horse Registry – First Level, 1st place

  • 2010 Horse of the Year, Training Level, Jr/YR – 28th Place (130 in category)

  • 2010 International Georgian Grande Horse Registry – Training Level, 1st place

  • 2008 – Region 3 Dressage Championships – Training Level – Reserve Champion

  • United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)

  • High School Equestrian Athlete Program, Varsity Letter – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association

  • 2012 Dressage Second Level – 1st Place

  • 2011 Dressage First Level, Jr/YR – 1st Place

  • 2010 Dressage Training Level, Jr/YR – 3rd Place


  • Clinics

  • Training​​

  • Lessons

    • Private and Semi Private​

  • Young horse development


I currently train out of Wrights Gate Farm in Commerce, Georgia. We are a training facility primarily but also offer boarding options. The owner, Cindy Bregenzer, and I share a love for the Iberian breeds and are excited to begin a small Iberian breeding program in the Spring of 2021.


Wrights Gate Farm

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